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Swimming Pool Cleaning

In ensuring a clean, clear swimming pool, our efforts are concentrated in two major areas: maintaining or adjusting the chemical balance of the pool water, and removing the unwanted dirt and foreign particles from the swimming pool.

The chemical balance of the swimming pool water cannot be maintained by adding pool chemicals when we remember to. We need to regularly test the pool water and adjust the levels, by adding pool chemicals, according to the results of the pool water tests.

In order to remove unwanted substances from the swimming pool, we rely on a water circulation and a filtration system. Regular brushing and vacuuming of our swimming pools ensures a minimum of foreign material in the pool water. Of course we also need to clean the filter itself and replace the filtration medium when necessary.

In order to determine how much of each chemical you might need to balance the pool water chemistry, we have provided some swimming pool calculators to take out the guess work.

A regular swimming pool maintenance program can help to prevent swimming pool problems and avoid pool water problems. Prevention is better than cure, and much easier.

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Daily Pool Operation

Pool Filter should run at least 8 to 10 hours per day (24 hours per day is best). Set your pool timer or remember to run the pool manually if you don’t have a timer. If you are not running your pool 24 hours per day, it is best to have it running during the daylight hours (instead of night).

Make sure your skimmer baskets are empty and clear of leaves or other debris.

Chlorine must be added to the pool daily in one of the following ways:

Best method is to place 3 Inch Slow Dissolving Stabilized Chlorine Tablets in the skimmers once per week (4-6 tablets are normal for a 16x32 pool).

Next best method is to use an Automatic Chlorinator. Make sure the unit is full and that the dial is set to a level that gives you a good daily chlorine reading depending on how long you run your system.

Next best method is to use a Chlorine Floater with Slow Dissolving Chlorine Tabs inside it. Keep Floater in pool at all times and refill it weekly or as needed.

Next best method is to manually add either Granular Chlorine or Quick Chlorine Tabs to pool skimmer every day. Don’t forget !!!

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