Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How do I winterize my pool?
A. Once you have your pool balanced out, all you usually need to do is a winter shock and winter algaecide. There are also a variety of winter products and accessories.

Q. How long will the sand last in my sand filter?
A. Most sand will last between 5-7 years if backwashed and cleaned properly.

Q. If I have algae in my pool, what should I do?
A. Depending on the type of algae (there are several types) the treatment will vary. You should take a water sample into your local dealer for testing. They will be able to help you choose the correct treatment and chemicals for your type of algae.

Q. My heater isn't working. What is the problem?
A. The most common reason a heater is not working is that the filter is too dirty and not allowing enough water flow to go through and turn on the heater. To fix this problem you just need to chemically clean your filter. If after cleaning your filter, your heater still doesn't come on, call your local service department.

Q. How long should I filter my pool each day?
A. Most pools should be Filtered at least 8-1 2 hours a day during the swimming season.

Q. How do I lower Cyanuric Acid in my pool?
A. The only way to lower Cyanuric Acid is to partially drain your pool then refill with fresh water. Please contact your nearest pool dealer before attempting to drain any pool. If this procedure is not done properly, you could damage your pool water.

Q. Why is balancing my pool so important?
A. If your pool water is not balanced properly it can lead to skin and eye irritation, as well as harm the equipment and surface of the pool.

Q, What if my pool is losing water?
A. This can mean you have a leak. The leak can be somewhere in the plumbing or the equipment itself. The best thing to do is contact your local service department.

Q. How often should I shock my pool?
A. You need to shock your pool at least every 2 weeks in the Summer. Depending on the usage and weather, you may have to do it more.

Q. Why does my pool water turn my hair green?
A. When your pool water contains metals, they can turn your hair green. If you are having this problem, the best solution is to take a water sample to be tested for metals at your nearest dealer. If you have metals present, they can recommend a solution.

Q. What causes eye irritation?
A. If your pool is not balanced properly, this could lead to eye and skin irritations. That is why it is essential to balance your pool water properly.

Q. What is the 3 Step Program?
A. The 3 Step Program is our easy maintenance for your pool. Step 1 is your sanitizer. Step 2 is your oxidizer, and Stop 3 is your algaecide. Following these simple steps will help make pool maintenance much easier.

Q. Why is my pool cloudy?
A. It can be a variety of things. Check to make sure you're running your filter system enough each day, also make sure your water is balanced out properly.

Q. How often should I drain my pool?
A. Most pools don't need to be drained completely. If you feel your pool does, contact your nearest pool dealer for assistance.

Q. What should my chlorine level be kept at?
A. For maximum sanitation, we recommend keeping your chlorine between 1-3 PM.

Q. What should I use to shock my pool with?
A. There are several different products to use. Two of the simplest are Burn Out Extreme and Burn Out 35, depending on the type of pool you have.

Q. I low long should I wait to go in my pool after I shock?
A. Wait until the chlorine level drops below 3ppm.

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